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About Cruise Holidays

Our Cruise Holidays travel agency was established over 20 years ago in the Lawrence Park area of Toronto and today our client base is spread throughout Canada .

Our services are all inclusive, from booking your vacation to arranging the air, travel insurance, transfers and excursions. We can effectively manage all the elements needed to make your vacation a care free and enjoyable experience. Out goal is to meet and exceed your expectations over the entire trip.
We can also provide unique resort vacations for those who prefer a land based vacation.

Because of our high volume, special cruise line alliances and membership in the Cruise Holidays buying network we can offer excellent cruise values. Scroll through our web site to review some of the offers currently available. But call us at 416-486-4646 or 1-800-518-3435 as new itineraries and pricing often change.

What makes us unique are our cruise consultants.

Many of our consultants are former clients who have personally experienced the service and expertise we provided over the years. Well traveled to every continent and knowledgeable on the wide array of cruise lines our consultants have helped hundreds of singles, couples, families and seniors plan their trips.Many of our clients have been with us since our early years.

Our consultants know all of Europe’s best kept secrets, and we specialize in family and senior trips, weddings at sea or on land and can recommend the best itineraries for the single traveler. We work together sharing insights and idea about how to make your trip the best it can be.

Planning your trip and making the initial arrangements is only the first step. We monitor pricing changes, currency pricing and supplier amenities to ensure you obtain the best value for your vacation. We work with favored tour operators in Europe, South America and Africa to ensure your on shore excursions are of the highest quality and interest. We work hard to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises during your vacation. Take time to read elsewhere on this website some of the endorsements we have received from our clients.

So whether you are a young family looking to take your initial family cruise or land based vacation or the seasoned traveler where the destinations are as important as the voyage, please consider us in your travel plans. You will not be disappointed.

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