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There is a scale to every travel experience. Two people on the same flight can have two unique experiences depending on their seat, as do two guests in different rooms at the same hotel. This disparity is seen across the travel spectrum, and it’s not always a case of who paid more or upgraded.


In short, there are a million little ways to improve your vacation, from securing a seat with the most legroom or a hotel suite with an unbelievable view to recommending a specific tour guide or family-owned restaurant who will treat you like royalty. As travel professionals, it’s our job to suggest those improvements and helps you travel better.


As you enjoy this week’s travel inspiration to Alaska, Jamaica, India and more, remember that we can make any of these vacations better by adding our expertise and personal experiences. 


Until next week … Dream Now, Travel Later!

This Week's Travel Inspiration

Summer Fun in Alaska

Contrary to common belief, Alaska does have summer, and it is what every summer camp aspires to be. Temperatures can range from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and daylight can stretch for as long as 18 hours. For those wondering how to fill your days on an Alaskan summer vacation, here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

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Activities in Jamaica

The island of Jamaica boasts adventure for every type of traveler, from rum tastings to hiking and everything in between. The island is small enough that you could even rent a car and set out on a Rastafarian road trip to see them all. Read on for our favorite excursions from five of Jamaica’s most popular destinations.

A taste of India

Flavors of India 

A tapestry of cultures, hyper-saturated colors and uniquely captivating flavors, India might be the wildest culinary undertaking of all your travels. You won’t have time to taste it all, but with each city boasting its own celebrated staple, we pick one must-try meal from four of our favorite destinations.

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Message from Agents

Travel advisors are a close-knit group, and we work in coordination with advisors across our network to bring you the very best in travel. Here, some of our colleagues got together to send the world this valuable message.



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“I've used Cruise Holidays in the past for a couple of trips, so when it came to planning a dream honeymoon to the Maldives that involved multiple layovers and seaplane transportation to and from the hotel, I knew my travel agent would take care of everything, so my wife and I could enjoy every second. I strongly recommend Cruise Holidays for those planning simple and complex trips!”
-Chris T

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