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Benefits of Booking through a TICO Agency

You may have seen the TICO symbol on travel agency sites when doing research on line. But these days symbols are often noticed and dismissed out of mind. But if you are looking for your next vacation, you might well heed this symbol and double-check where you are booking your travel arrangements that this symbol is either displayed prominently or the agency’s TICO registration number is noted on the website or other advertising medium. What you can miss out by booking elsewhere with a non-TICO member may mean all the world of difference to your experience.

We have come across a link in the Toronto Star which explains the concept of TICO ( Travel Industry Council of Ontario) well and how important it is to you: How Ontario Consumers Can Avoid Travel Nightmares by Dorian Werda, vice-president, operations for the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. It is well worth the time to read.