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Asia on Azamara Journey with Brian Connor

Join Lawrence Park's own Brian Connor as he takes you on this incredible cruise through Asia on Azamara Journey. This is a trip you will want to take!

Asia on Azamara Journey with Brian Connor2019-04-24T15:02:52+00:00

Journey to Nahanni

JOURNEY TO NAHANNI I recently returned from this wonderful adventure to Nahanni in Canada's Northwest Territories. Below is my day-by-day account of the activities complete with photos. Enjoy!  ~ Bill Winkler Feature Image courtesy of Bigstock. All other images take by Bill Winkler.

Journey to Nahanni2016-12-29T16:42:29+00:00

Bill Winkler’s Favourite Places, Travel Reading

Bill Winkler's Favourite Places, Travel Reading RESTAURANTS Dine with good friends at a Michelin 3 star restaurant…..anywhere! My experience was at the Maison Pic in Valence which is south of Lyon. Maison Pic was established in 1889 by Eugene and Sophie Pic, earning 3 Michelin stars in 1939 under their son André Pic. Between 1946 [...]

Bill Winkler’s Favourite Places, Travel Reading2016-12-29T16:42:30+00:00

Currency Comparison as of January 2016

This currency comparison may help with your decision of where to vacation in the next few months. As always, please remember we travel professionals are here to guide you on every step of the travel process. 1. Currencies too expensive for Canada: - Euro - USD - GBP 2. Currencies acceptable with the Canadian dollar: - [...]

Currency Comparison as of January 20162016-12-29T16:42:30+00:00

Adventure Canada: “Greenland & Wild Labrador”

A Voyage on the Sea Adventurer Sept. 11-24,2014 The following is a daily account written by Bill during his adventures in Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador, and Greenland with the group, Adventure Canada that offers such diverse tours as Exploring the Northwest Passage,  the Bears of Churchill, and the Haida Gwaii: The Queen Charlotte Islands to [...]

Adventure Canada: “Greenland & Wild Labrador”2016-12-29T16:42:31+00:00

Castles Along the Rhine

The Middle Rhine The Middle Rhine is between Mainz and Cologne (or Köln) but the section of maximum interest for river cruisers is between Koblenz and Rűdesheim. This section is where they keep some of Germany’s best kept medieval keeps - 20 of them, some ruins, some preserved, all surrounded by vineyards and with quaint [...]

Castles Along the Rhine2016-12-29T16:42:31+00:00

Avalon Tapestry 2011

From Budapest to Prague, July 2011 We were excited to arrive in Budapest, despite the late hour, and arriving at the Intercontinental Hotel on the banks of the Danube, it was wonderful to look across the river to see the Fisherman’s Bastion and Mattias church, so nicely framed in the glowing lights. Our cruise featured [...]

Avalon Tapestry 20112016-12-29T16:42:32+00:00

Windstar’s Windsurf, August 2013

Scotland, N Ireland & Golf! I was very glad to have taken this cruise on Windstar's Windsurf, as it is very different from any other ship I have been on. Although the small ship ambience was similar to Silver Cloud, the clientele were radically different – more casual and more "down-to-earth". Also Wind Surf had [...]

Windstar’s Windsurf, August 20132016-12-29T16:42:32+00:00
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