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Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon or Katalolo is a small port town located on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. The town, which many still classify as a village, is situated in the municipality of Pyrgos, and is known for being a popular stop for cruise ships.

Katakolon, Greece2024-03-20T20:09:57+00:00

Culinary Adventures in Tuscany

Tuscany often feels like a dream come true whether you have long wished to visit this region of Italy or happened upon it during a tour or cruise stop. This is a place that invites you in - to explore, to greet its peoples, to fall under the spell of its history and art, and ...

Culinary Adventures in Tuscany2023-09-20T16:31:18+00:00

Holland America’s 12-Day Mediterranean | with Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson joins Ken to review her recent cruise aboard aboard Holland America's Oosterdam in the Mediterranean. Carol and Ken discuss the twelve-day itinerary departing Venice, Italy and finishing in Barcelona Spain.

Holland America’s 12-Day Mediterranean | with Carol Patterson2023-08-22T18:09:18+00:00

Advantages of Back-to-Back Cruising | with Roy Suthons

Real travel expert Roy Suthons reviews his recent back-to-back cruises with Celebrity Cruises aboard their flagship, the Celebrity Edge. Roy and Ken discuss just exactly what is a back-to-back cruise and ...

Advantages of Back-to-Back Cruising | with Roy Suthons2023-03-15T17:04:33+00:00

Sunshine and Lemons – The Amalfi Coast

Visiting the region around Naples, Italy, either on a tour or by ocean cruise? Make the Amalfi Coast a must destination – even if just a day’s excursion to this exquisite coastal area of scattered seaside towns ...

Sunshine and Lemons – The Amalfi Coast2021-08-25T16:57:23+00:00
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