Douro River Cruise Review | with Lola Vassiliadis

Douro River Cruising. What you need to know!

 Lola Vassiliadis, owner of Cruise Holidays of Oakville and Cruise Holidays of Lawrence Park. Lola sits down with Ken of RTE Travel Talk to provide some river cruising tips for viewers. Thinking about a a Douro river cruise in Portugal?

  • Lola describes her most recent Uniworld Douro river cruise and identifies the other river cruise lines that provide this itinerary, such as AmaWaterways™, Avalon Waterways®, Scenic® Cruises and Viking river cruises.
  • Discover why a river cruise on the Douro river in Portugal is perhaps one of the most relaxing river cruises in Europe and is ideal for wine lovers.
  • Hear what sets the Douro river valley apart from other rivers in Europe such as the Rhine and Danube.
  • Learn why perhaps the Douro river may not be the best choice for first time river cruisers and families.
  • Lola provides her river cruise advice for pre- and post-extensions in Lisbon and Porto, and her recommendations.
  • And finally, learn how a Douro river cruise compares in price to other European river cruise destinations and rivers.

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