Lola Loves Vista: Oceania Vista Review | with Lola Vassiliadis

Why Lola Loves the Vista

Embark on a virtual journey with Ken from RTE-Travel Talk as he sits down with Lola Vassiliadis, owner of Cruise Holidays of Oakville and Cruise Holidays of Lawrence Park to explore the enchanting world of Oceania Cruises’ latest masterpiece, the Vista. Lola shares her overall impressions of this new ship providing a sneak peek into what makes it a standout in the world of cruising.

As the conversation unfolds, Lola takes us through the ship’s new areas offering a glimpse into the innovative design that sets the Vista apart. Dive into the lap of luxury as Lola discusses the Concierge Stateroom at and the opulent Vista Suite. Solo travelers will find the discussion on solo staterooms particularly insightful, showcasing thoughtful accommodations for those exploring the world alone.

Food enthusiasts, get ready to savor the details of the ship’s cuisine, including a hidden gem that promises a culinary delight. Lola unveils the exciting new dining options, followed by a journey to the Baristas experience.

Discover the perks of Butler service and Executive Suite access and gain valuable insights into the Simply More Program along with some seasoned travel advice.

Lola highlights the breathtaking destinations that the Vista explores.

Cruise enthusiasts will be delighted to learn about the ship’s entertainment and learning centers, creating a perfect blend of leisure and discovery.

Lola breaks down Oceania’s classification, providing clarity on what makes each cruise unique.

Discover who would truly enjoy the Oceania experience, where Lola paints a vivid picture of the ideal Oceania cruiser. In a surprising revelation, Lola assures us that there are “never any complaints!”—a testament to Oceania’s commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

As the interview draws to a close, Lola tantalizes us with a glimpse into the future, sharing exciting details about Oceania Cruises’ upcoming ship, Allura. Join Ken and Lola on this captivating journey through the Vista, uncovering the essence of luxury cruising with Oceania.

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