Oceania Cruises® | Cruise Line Review | with Carol Patterson

Oceania Cruises® Review with Real Travel Expert Carol Patterson.

Travel expert Carol Patterson, of Cruise Holidays of Oakville,  joins Ken of Ask A Real Travel Expert to review Oceania Cruises. Carol details the unique niche that Oceania holds in the industry: upper premium luxury. Learn about the onboard experience with Oceania, the three classes of ships they deploy, and “Olife Choice”, Oceania Cruises’ answer to all-inclusive cruising. Carol provides her recommendation for traveling with children and what to expect onboard. Also in the episode Ken and Carol discuss the upcoming launch of Oceania’s newest ship and class the “Vista” due to set sail in 2023 and open for bookings now. At the end of the episode Carol provides valuable advice for cruisers looking for the best time to book with Oceania and what to do if you are looking to book and sail in 2022 or 2023.

If you love to be pampered on a cruise but not pay top luxury fares, Carol’s review of the Oceania Cruises line may be just what you have been looking for! You can usually find any Oceania Cruises’ current special offer under Special Offers