South America with Panama Canal Cruise Review | Carol Patterson

Do You Love Sea Days?

Travel expert Carol Patterson of Cruise Holidays of Oakville joins Ken from RTE Travel Talk to delve into her recent 17-day cruise adventure spanning South America through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale. In this insightful discussion, Carol shares her firsthand experiences and expert insights on a variety of topics, including the vibrant cities of Santiago and Valparaiso in Chile, the rich cultural tapestry of Ecuador and Peru, as well as the tranquil sea days filled with relaxation and exploration. From discussing the ever-changing weather patterns to the frequency of this captivating itinerary, Carol offers valuable tips and recommendations for prospective travelers.

Venturing through the iconic Panama Canal, Carol elaborates on the contrasting landscapes and maritime nuances between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, highlighting her favorite ports of call along the way. Delving into the culinary delights and cultural immersion opportunities at various destinations, Carol provides valuable insights for food enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike. Moreover, she sheds light on the pre-cruise preparations required, including vaccination protocols and suitable attire for different climates.

Addressing the needs of mobility-challenged guests and sharing demographic insights into fellow travelers, Carol offers inclusive perspectives on cruise travel. As the conversation draws to a close, she imparts her final advice for making the most of such a remarkable journey and leaves viewers with her contact information for further inquiries. Stay tuned as Carol shares her exciting plans for future travels, promising more enriching adventures on the horizon.

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