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Europe off season with Sandra Zeggil

EUROPE OFF SEASON WITH SANDRA ZEGGIL Cruising the European waterways is so beautiful but depending upon the time of year you sail it can become too crowded and the various boats along the waterways can obscure your view. Our resident expert Sandra Zeggil offers you a great time to travel and some of [...]

Europe off season with Sandra Zeggil2017-02-15T20:46:14+00:00

Take the Whole Family

Multi Generational  Family Travel Family life has changed drastically from what it was fifty years ago, even from that of ten years ago. Families are smaller, usually both parents work, and grandparents may be working longer too. So, other than holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, getting everyone together to spend quality time can be [...]

Take the Whole Family2019-06-06T14:12:51+00:00

Exploring Amsterdam

Image courtesy of pixabay. VENICE OF THE NORTH: AMSTERDAM Amsterdam and its CanalsFlying to Europe from North America often leads you to Amsterdam. If you cruise in northern European or take one of the popular river cruise vacations into the heart of Europe, you will likely cross paths with this [...]

Exploring Amsterdam2021-02-24T19:13:15+00:00
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