Watch This Before You Travel | with Lola Vassiliadis

Travel insurance for Canada. What you need to know!

RTE Travel Talk‘s special guest is Lola Vassiliadis, owner of Cruise Holidays of Oakville and Cruise Holidays of Lawrence Park. Lola joins Ken for an in depth discussion about the benefits of buying travel insurance in Canada and who in her opinion has the best travel insurance options for Canadians looking to travel in Canada and abroad. Lola and Ken touch on a broad range of topics and travel insurance tips such as:

  • do I need to buy travel insurance
  • when you should purchase it in your vacation planning process
  • what is cancel for any reason coverage and what you need to know about it
  • what are pre existing conditions and how it will affect your travel insurance coverage
  • what is the cost of travel insurance, and
  • what you can do to reduce the cost.

All of this plus many more tips for buying travel insurance as a Canadian traveller.

This video is time stamped for your convenience.